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NetServer is middleware/realtime component for delphi. It supports...

NetServer is middleware/realtime component for delphi. It supports delphi socket and indysocket. (Source code version is available #156323)- All tdataset descendent support- including Apollo, Halcyon, Ttable.

This components doe not require SQL although it would be better. - Paging: You can read part of records. You don`t have to fetch all records. With page and readcount property, you can extract part of whole records.

- Full SQL support : ExecSQL, Params, Select SQL. - Transaction : Only if the the db engine supports, you can use transaction. - CachedUpdate- Full messaging : client to server, server to client and client to client messaging.

You can broadcast your message or send only to required users. - RealTime Streamming : You can make streamming application (audio, video. ). You don`t have to worry about threading or synchronizing.

Just send the packet from any thread and NetServer will do the rest of work. The only thing you have to do is change Streaming property to true.

- Powerful Threading : NetServer provides powerful threading model. You can use any of this model in both of client and server side. * SingleThread : Each connection uses a thread* ThreadPooling: Precreated threads do whole of work.

No thread switching. * SemithreadPooling : If There is a available thread , It acts like threadpooling but no thread, new thread is used to do the job and destroyed.

* SingleSession: No thread is used. - Provided container to send and receive dataNetServer uses it`s own container class named TdataList. You can store any data including variant, buffer or stream with name tag in there.

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NetServer-No Source


NetServer-No Source v4